IT influencing Business decisions?

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Hoje compartilho um texto de autoria do meu amigo Daniel Kiel – IT Business Analyst / Project Manager.

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IT influencing Business decisions, how good or bad this can be?

For years what I heard from all sides is that Information Technology must be a strategic pillar for companies. I believe that there is no question on how important this is.


I already lived both scenarios:

1- IT as a body shop – Let’s deliver solutions- Reactive behavior

In this situation, IT only receives requirements and delivers solutions without knowing the real value behind what he is doing, just like a body shop consulting.

2 – IT as a partner – Let’s influence business decisions and deliver solutions – Pro active behavior

In this case, IT participates on business strategies discussions trying to establish a trusted advisor position. This option really makes more sense than the first one .

But what happens when IT believes that knows more than Business owners OR when business delegates important decisions to IT?

* Dramatic pause here *

Here is my percetion and I am sure that opinions will vary a lot.

IT can and should play a very important role when defining the company directions. IT is an enabling area and will support and leverage important decisions that can take strategies to be successful (or not).

But what IT can not do is to feel that they know more about business strategies and market trends than they really does.
Sometimes – most of the time – IT perceptions are not mature enough and recommendations or impositions related to business strategies or even business processes can harm company strategies.

Knowing the limit about where and how IT can play this important role is a challenge while their influence and importance raises every day.
This brainstorm must be done from executive to analyst level.

How close do you, from IT, want to be from business strategies decisions? Do you really know how good or bad your influence can impact your company?

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