What is SAP?!?

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As suggested, I have translated my last post in English!

I hope to transmit the same idea in English, I’m so sorry for some mistakes in English.

Come on now I will try to explain, “What it is” this tool called SAP. However, to explain what it needed to demonstrate the concept that it uses.

The concept that the name is ERP and used in various companies around in the World!

For starters, what does this acronym ERP?

This acronym is comes from the English with the following definition: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), translating to Portuguese got the definition of Integrated Business Management System.

This concept aims to integrate all data and processes of a company/organization in a unique system. Speaking in a more clear way, you would like to have all the information in one place in your company!

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SAP A.G was founded in Germany.

Now let’s go ….I will try to clarify their doubts about the main objective of “SAP”.

Many people would think that SAP is the button in your TV remote control.

This button in your remote control is used to change the audio in your TV, just so you know; this key has another meaning Second Audio Program (SAP).

This system, which many companies use and invest a lot of money to use that tool has as main goal to turn that home systems in an Integrated Business Management System.

This is makes the company more competitive in the market because the decisions made are more agile because the information is in unique place.

As one example below explain the Sales flow of a product, we have available in stock to sale using the SAP principles.

Fluxo de Venda SAP

Fluxo de Venda SAP

As the Sales flow represented above, all information is within the same system, thus the processes occurring in a very agile manner.

This is one of thousands of reasons that companies use this tool.

Below are some benefits that the implementation of SAP ERP could bring to your company:

  • Eliminate manual processes;
  • Optimize the flow of information and the quality of it within the organization (efficiency);
  • Optimize the process of making decision;
  • Eliminate redundant activities;
  • Reduce the uncertainties of Lead Time;
  • Incorporation of best practices (codified in ERP) to internal business processes;
  • Reduce the time of management processes;
  • Inventory reduction;
  • Reducing the workload because repetitive activities can and should be automated;
  • Better control of company operations;
(Table removed from the Wikipedia website “http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sistema_integrado_de_gest%C3%A3o_empresarial”).

For those who never saw … .This is the SAP screen!

SAP Menu

SAP Menu

You have an idea that are englobed in the SAP processes, which encompasses the main modules available, but remember that not only are these … .the SAP is a very big world and for every type of business can have some new functionality to meet your company’s better way!

Following main modules:

  • SAP MM – Material Management
  • SAP WM – Warehouse Management
  • SAP SD – Sales and Distribution
  • SAP FI – Financial Accounting
  • SAP PP – Production Planning and Control
  • SAP HR – Human Resource
  • SAP PS – Project System
  • SAP CO – Controlling
  • SAP QM – Quality Management
  • SAP PM – Plant Maintenance
  • SAP IS – Industry Solutions
  • SAP BW – Business Warehousing
  • SAP RE – Real Estate
(Table removed from the  Wikipedia website “http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sistema_integrado_de_gest%C3%A3o_empresarial”).

Well, I hope to have contributed to unravel this mystery called SAP!!